Hector Gonzalez

Production Crater

Hector Gonzalez

A resident of the United States, Hector grew up in the beautiful city of Guatemala in South America. Joining Craters & Freighters in 2018, he has been as asset to the team.

Hailing from a humble family with Christian values family, Hector has, count them, 5 brothers! He is also married with children of his own.

Hector’s life was transformed by the power of God. At one point he felt his life had no meaning, no direction. However knowing Jesus Christ, transformed him and gave meaning to his life.

We can understand why he enjoys talking with other people about the love of God and how knowing God can transform lives and it explains why his greatest passion is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One last fun fact about Hector is that people call him “Siervo” which means “the servant”.