Packaging Methods Available for Shipping Nashville


Corrugated Packaging & Containers

  • Corrugated packaging can be used to create a container for use when items require less protection during shipping and handling.  Using corrugated packaging is also more cost effective option over a wood crate. Craters & Freighters of Nashville uses a minimum 350 lb. double wall corrugated fiberboard that is made up of three sheets of linerboard with two mediums or flutes in between when building custom corrugated boxes. All corrugated containers are constructed with a wood base built into the tray.  As a result, all containers can be handled via forklift or pallet jack.

Anti-Static Packaging

  • Craters & Freighters of Nashville has extensive experience in packaging items that are susceptible to static electricity damages such as computers, circuit boards, and other types of electronic equipment.  We wrap each item in anti-static packaging material to prevent costly repairs to your valuable assets.

Floating Base

  • Craters & Freighters of Nashville is capable of constructing “floating base” crates to protect high-end or sensitive freight.  The floating base crates allow movement lateral, longitudinal and vertical.  As a result, the freight does not incur the “shock” associated with transport.

Vapor Barrier Packaging or MIL-PRF-131

  • Electronic components and items which are susceptible to damage from humidity or moisture, as can be experienced when shipping via ocean or stored in high humidity climates, require special vapor proof packaging.  Salt water and high humidity exposes sensitive electronic mechanisms, metal, and non-metallic surfaces to the danger of oxidation, rust, mold and mildew damage which can potentially impair the product's functionality and appearance.

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