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No matter what government entity or branch of the military you belong to, you know that there are very specific requirements for packing and shipping all kinds of items. The coding requirements for purchased items, for example, have to be followed carefully so there are no problems with accepting the shipment and getting it to the right destination. Information like the quantity included in the packaging, if there are separate packages contained within the packaging, and quantity in each of those separate packages, preservatives, cleaning information, bar coding, RFID information, and much more all needs to be provided correctly in the packing code.

That's why mil spec shipping is so vital, and why it has to be done so carefully. When mil spec packaging requirements aren't followed, serious problems can occur. You want a company you can trust, and one that's well-versed in making sure all the specs are met properly the first time.

Why Choose Craters & Freights Nashville

It's not just about the code on the box, but about decoding the information, using the right spec materials, applying those materials in the right way, packing things up, packaging them properly, and preserving the items being shipped.

Experience is needed in all those areas, or there's a big risk to the shipment from a breakdown in the process. Those kinds of breakdowns can cost time and money, both of which are unnecessary - not to mention annoying - for the shippers and the receivers of these items. Whether you need everything from the main, exterior box all the way through the complete packing and shipping of the item, or you only need the outer boxes so you can pack and ship things yourself, we can get you what you need to keep your products moving through the pipeline.

What we offer

Common mil spec shipping boxes include ASTM-D6251, ASTM-D6880, ASTM-D6256, and ASTM-D7478, but there are many other options. We can also provide you with skids and pallets for large items, helping you pack up everything you need to send and get it moving without any mess or fuss.

  • MIL-Spec Packaging 
  • ASTM Style Crates 
  • MIL-Spec Style Crates 
  • Wooden Boxes, Slat Crates, Open Crates, Hood Style Crates
  • MIL-Spec Pallets & Load Bases
  • Domestic & International Shipping

Being able to trust your packaging company is a vital part of getting things shipped and getting things done. If you can't trust the packaging, you don't really know if what you're shipping is going to arrive at the scheduled destination in one piece, or whether it will even be accepted when it gets there.

With Crates & Freighters Nashville, you don't have to worry about that. We have years of experience in the mil spec packaging business, and we understand the value and importance of logistics on a global scale.

Military and Aerospace Packaging and Shipping

Military needs are very different from civilian needs when it comes to packing and shipping, and we know these specs have to be handled right, from beginning to end, without exception. Anything purchased and shipped for a government purpose has specs that have to be met, and we make it our focus to meet those specs every time. We also ship for the aerospace industry.

As a one-stop resource for all types of military, government, and related packaging and shipping, we are ready to provide you with stellar service and a well-packaged shipment that's going to get where it needs to go, undamaged and in a timely manner. Meeting mil spec shipping requirements is our job, and we will use our skills and knowledge to make sure you get the packaging and shipping you need.

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