Custom Crating


Custom Crating Services in Nashville

Craters & Freighters Nashville engineers create custom crating solutions for the items we ship to ensure they arrive safe and undamaged. Our team draws from many resources including an extensive MIL-Spec library, AutoCAD, and crating and cushioning software. We also leverage our decades of experience in custom crating everything from priceless antiques to sensitive medical devices to massive aerospace parts.

Specializing in Optimal Cushioning Systems

Determining the best container to match your item is critical. However, for many items, dampening shock and vibration can be just as important. That’s why we are specialists at developing and using the proper cushioning materials based on item weight, fragility, and vibration sensitivity. Properly securing your contents inside the box or crate is the final step to ensuring your shipment will be protected from the challenges of the shipping environment.

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High-Quality Crating Options

No two shipments are the same. We provide many crating options to ensure your specific items can withstand the rigors of the shipping environment. This includes:


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