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10 Steps to Prepare a Grand Piano for Shipping

Grand pianos are intricate and magnificently designed musical instruments. They are often show-stealers and focal points wherever they are placed. For grand piano owners, the safety of these pieces is highly valued, so when shipping them is necessary, doing so with...

How to Ship a Motorcycle in 7 Easy Steps

Motorcycles are intricate pieces of machinery. They’re often pricey, and in most cases, for those who have them, education, testing, and firsthand experience are essential to safely participating in activities that include motorcycles. Whether you ride sport bikes,...

Relocating the Eisenhower Globe: A Piece of American History

The Eisenhower Globe is one of the most well-known globes in history. It stood by Eisenhower’s side throughout his presidency and took center stage in several images with him and other world leaders. Many duplicates of the globe have been made, Eisenhower himself...

Shipping Supply Chain Backup & What’s to Come

Whether you’re a business that depends on shipping products for your ROI or a consumer hoping to get specific items before the holidays, you’ve likely felt (or at least heard about) the stress on the shipping supply chain. The backup has been here since the beginning...

ISPM-15 Certified Wood

ISPM-15 Certified Wood For Your Overseas Shipment When your assets need to be shipped internationally and require wood for their crating or packaging, that wood must be specially treated and certified for entry into its foreign destination. To do this, the wood...

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