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Heat Shrink Wrapping


What is Heat Shrink Wrap?

Heat shrink wrap protects various items while being moved or put into a storage facility for any length of time. Our shipping team will expertly layer your asset with plastic material before providing heat to it. This heat forces the plastic to form tightly to the piece, enveloping its shape and sealing it completely.

We use heat shrink wrapping for international shipping, nationwide domestic shipping, and when storing resources. The sealing generated from the wrap will keep debris and moisture from damaging your asset.

Along with a comprehensive list of protection options, our Nashville shipping company offers cargo insurance to give you more confidence during your journey with us.

Many Uses for Heat Shrink Wrapping

Our shipping professionals use heat shrink wrap to keep your items safe in the most economical way. We have the skill and knowledge to create a protection plan that will meet your unique needs.

Shrink wrap is practical and affordable protection that can benefit just about any item you have. Contact us to learn more about this type of security measure and how we can help.

Packaging Materials to Meet any Need

Shrink Wrapping protects valuable assets and provides damage reduction, product containment, construction site weatherization and protection, and financial security. It will keep your items safe during storage or transit, and its removal is simple and straightforward. The wrapping we use is also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

No matter where your asset is headed, Craters & Freighters’ shrink wrap solutions can help protect it.

In addition to heat shrink wrapping, we offer a wide range of trusted packaging materials and solutions, including:

The Benefits of Heat Shrink Wrapping

No matter how sensitive, valuable, or oversized your item, we can help secure it and keep it free from harm with heat shrink wrapping.

Some benefits of shrink wrap include:

  • Protection: Once your item is heated and completely sealed in the shrink wrap, it’s safe from moisture, dust, dirt, and UV rays. We can further protect your asset by shrink wrapping the crate, container, pallet or skid that it’s being shipped or stored in, too.
  • Tampering: After being sealed, you can easily tell if your item has been tampered with, as the plastic will show signs of damage, usually with a stretch or tear.
  • Durability: Our materials are durable and reliable, making it easy for the plastic to hold its meticulous shape around your asset throughout the shipping or storage process.
  • Cost: Heat shrink wrap optimizes space, keeps items close, and can alleviate the need for boxes that take up considerable room and add to your expenses.

Heat Shrink Wrapping Services

Craters & Freighters Nashville offers expert heat shrink wrap services for items large or small that need short-term storage, long-term storage, or shipping. Our time-tested wrapping techniques ensure that your valuables are protected against the elements and that they unwrap damage-free. Our team understands the nature of the shipping stream and how to thoroughly protect your items while in it. We offer our customers experience and dedication, knowing how important your assets are to you, your business, and your bottom line.

We only use the best quality materials and have the correct equipment, to get the job done right the first time. Several organizations, businesses, and individuals trust us with their storage and shipping projects because we offer unparalleled attention to detail and treat your items as if they were ours.

If you’re looking for the best heat shrink wrapping company in Nashville, Craters & Freighters is here to help you. Contact us today for more information and to see how we can help you.


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