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A National Powerhouse with Local Accountability.

Craters & Freighters is a shipping & crating company that offers every customer a variety of comprehensive services, a team of packaging experts, and decades of reliable experience. Our resources and national and global reach, make us true industry leaders. Behind this shipping powerhouse, however, local representatives lead the way, taking on the full responsibility of the safe packaging, crating, and transport of your valuables. Our Nashville representatives will support your project and answer all of your questions or concerns throughout the journey.

Whether you’re looking to ship large heirlooms such as pieces of art and antiques from your home or you need commercial industrial crating assistance, we are experts in handling your possessions and getting them where they need to be safely and responsibly.

Offering custom wood crating and white-glove service, our Nashville Craters & Freighters team will provide the ultimate in service and care.  We know this industry well, having been a part of it for over three decades. Our team is always qualified and happy to supply the support, education, and reassurance each new, unique job requires. 

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Commercial Services
Commercial Services

We assist organizations and entities of every kind in getting their commercial assets where they need to be safely and securely. Our Tennessee & Alabama customers trust us with even the most fragile of items, including hazardous materials. Craters & Freighters takes great care to ensure every employee is properly and meticulously trained to handle any difficult item that comes their way. Always welcoming a challenge, we will give each and every customer our fullest attention to detail, no job is too big or too intimidating for our knowledgeable and informed staff.

Shipping Services
Shipping Services

We offer a wide selection of comprehensive shipping services to assist our customers and remove the stress involved with transporting your valuable assets –domestically and internationally. If you’re having trouble finding a shipping company to transport your excessively large piece, look no further than Craters & Freighters in Nashville. We do not have limitations when it comes to the size of your items. If you need white-glove service, our team is well versed in caring for delicate and valuable pieces and we will custom wood-crate each piece specifically for your shipping needs.

Commercial Services
Industrial Crating Service

If your company or organization is looking for a reliable, experienced shipping company to manage your industrial shipping project, our Nashville crating and shipping specialists have you covered.

We are proud to have worked with a large variety of industries and have safely provided passage of their valuables all over the world. Small businesses, fortune 500 companies, military, healthcare, construction, you name it, we’ve crated it.

Providing personalized service is the nature of our business which is how we’ve found and maintained our large network of offices and contacts.

Contact us at 615-777-7447 to learn more about our industrial crating services for:

Shipping Services
Returning Leased Equipment

If you or your company have been leasing equipment or machinery and have come to the end of your lease, or you’re no longer in need of the equipment, we can help you return it.

We know that many companies lease oversized, heavy machinery and equipment. Everything from copiers to construction tools. As this service continues to gain traction, more and more equipment and hardware will be leased by companies for a variety of reasons.

Craters & Freighters can help you acquire and return your leased equipment, taking the complication away from you. The leasing process can be especially confusing for those that are new to lease returns. Call us and let us tell you how we can manage your leased equipment, saving you time and energy, and allowing you to focus on your business.

Contact us at 615-777-7447 to learn more about returning your leased equipment.

Residential Services
Residential Services

We care for your belongings as if they were ours. Our team relies on their attention to the fine details to make your move a successful one, running as smoothly and as easily as possible. We understand that your personal possessions may be more than financially valuable, but are oftentimes sentimentally valuable, too. We take the appropriate measures to protect all of the items that you value most, getting those things to your new residence with thoughtful care and precision.

Crating & Packaging Services
Crating & Packaging Services

Our crate and freight specialists have unmatched skills and competence in offering tailored crating and packing solutions. We provide the highest quality of care when crating and shipping internationally, using wood crates that are up to code for entry into foreign countries. Our warehouse undergoes monthly inspections in order to ensure the compliance of our wood and we are happy to adhere to these inspections. Knowing that your items will arrive safely and be able to withstand heat treatment when arriving in their new location gives us confidence that we pass on to our customers.

Crating & Packaging Services
On-Site Crating & Packaging Services

Often, your assets are too large, sensitive, or heavy to bring to our facility. That’s never a problem for your local Craters & Freighters. We can easily come to your business or residence and design and engineer your custom crate and its supports on the spot.

Don’t worry, your crate will be built with the same precision and detail as it would in-house.

Our on-site packaging and crating services include:

If you need a tailored shipping crate to be brought to you, we can do that, too. We’ll drop it off wherever you need it. Simplifying your life however we can. 

Contact us at 615-777-7447 to schedule your on-site packaging project.

Crating & Packaging Services
Custom Packaging Design

We use only the best technology and our decades-long experience to design the perfect container for your item. Using foam wrapping, foam bracing, and floating bases ensures your shipment arrives safely. Our custom packaging and crates are designed at our facility and will accommodate heavy, fragile, and hazardous items with the delicacy that necessitates a successful transport.

At Craters & Freighters in Nashville, your assets will have the protection they need through the shipping stream. We understand the harsh, unpredictable nature of the shipping process. We will determine the engineering of each custom fitting by assessing weight, size, shape, fragility, method of transport, and final destination. This is a tried and true process. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach.

Shipping nationally or globally does not deter us. Shipping oversized or industrial equipment, we can handle it. We know how to get your valuables to their destination harm-free.

Contact us at 615-777-7447 to learn more about custom packaging design for your shipments.



Craters & Freighters Nashville, serving most of Tennessee and Alabama, including Nashville & Chattanooga, TN and Birmingham & Huntsville, AL.


We can crate, pack, and ship your largest, most heavy and valuable items.

When other providers determine they can’t take on the difficult projects, we’re there to get the job done. We have confidence when it comes to working on challenging shipping projects, and we make those projects look easy. We will fully insure your valuables while in our care, from pickup to packaging, and transit to final destination. We strive to offer each customer the assurance they want when undergoing a crating and shipping project.

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Expertise that delivers.

Craters & Freighters offers more than just industry standards and insight. We provide unwavering commitment and a code of conduct built on core values you can trust. Unlike any other crating and shipping service in Nashville, our team of experts has over three decades of experience and the confidence to handle your project with success.

Your Trust, Our Promise:

We understand the faith you place in us when entrusting your valuables. That’s why we promise to consistently deliver quality, protection, and reliability, whether your project is commercial or residential, near or far. No matter the challenge, we can move it, thoughtfully, carefully, and with unwavering confidence.

About Us

Beyond Standards, We Deliver Our Core Values:


Responsive: We respond promptly to your inquiries and expedite your projects with care, ensuring efficient and timely delivery. Our teamwork approach means you benefit from the expertise of our entire network, not just one individual.

Do What We Say We Will Do: We believe in building trust through reliable service. We’ll clearly communicate every step of the process, so you can be confident your shipment arrives on time and as promised.

Show Up On Time: Whether it’s picking up your valuables or delivering them across the globe, we show up on time, every time. You can trust us to respect your schedule and handle your items with the utmost care.

Say: “Please,” “Thank You,” and “My Pleasure”: Our friendly and knowledgeable Nashville team takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. We treat you with respect and go the extra mile to understand your needs.

We Trust Your Team: We empower our team members to collaborate and leverage their combined expertise to find the best solutions for your unique shipping needs.

We Give Back: As a responsible business, we believe in giving back to our community. We proudly established the Esther Fund, an outreach program designed to help those in need and positively influence the community.

Experience, Expertise, and Personalized Care: With decades of experience and a national network, Craters & Freighters is a true industry leader. And here in Nashville, our local team provides personalized care and takes full responsibility for your project.


Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our unwavering commitment and core values can make your next shipping experience truly exceptional.