Wood Crates & Shipping Containers


Wooden Crates and Shipping Containers in Nashville

Some oversized or heavy items can’t be adequately protected by corrugated cardboard packaging. Our experienced shipping professionals will determine whether your belongings require sturdier wooden containers that will survive and maintain their integrity through the shipping stream. We are able to design and build crates, boxes, or containers to accommodate just about any shipping need.

With decades-long experience, we know how to choose the precise style of wooden crate based on the needs of the item being shipped.

Our engineers will take into account load weight, dimensions, value, and other characteristics to ensure your item’s packaging needs are met.

We understand that the custom wood crate we provide must be supported with the proper internal wood structures like load-bearing members, saddles, and supports to maximize effectiveness and provide the safest journey for your valuables.

Talk to one of our shipping specialists, and let’s see how we can help you with your next tailored crating and shipping project.

Thinking Inside the Box

A vital component of your sound shipment is securing each item within the crate or box, or onto a skid or pallet. Some of our tried-and-true options include bolting, blocking, bracing, and steel strapping. When items are shipped in one of our tailored wooden shipping containers, our Nashville custom packaging and shipping team selects the necessary securing methods and incorporates them into the design from the start, creating the perfect packing and containing solution for your valuables.

Fully Tailored Wood Crating Solutions

In-depth knowledge of wooden container styles, internal blocking, and bracing structures, and packaging securement methods are essential to the safe shipment of any item. Nashville is home to leaders in the manufacturing, automobile, and technology industries, and we are proud to work with them on their shipping needs. Providing our tailored and comprehensive services to essential globalized shipping projects is our expertise.

The custom wood crates designed by our engineers cater to sensitive, valuable, heavy, and awkward items. Think your shipment is too challenging? Give us a call so that we can take a look.

We help you find the ideal enclosure for your assets, capitalizing on our extensive experience and knowledge in:


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