Grandfather Clocks


Special Expertise in Shipping Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are unique pieces that require specialized packing, crating, and moving expertise. Craters & Freighters Nashville has the skill and experience to ensure grandfather clocks are properly protected.

A History of Success Handling Grandfather Clocks

Craters & Freighters has been shipping fragile and valuable items for three decades. We know how much precious family heirlooms mean to their owners and have developed a reputation for exercising the highest level of care in getting items from origin to destination safely.

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Our Proven Process for Moving Grandfather Clocks

We start by helping you make the arrangements to have the pendulum, weights, and internal workings dealt with properly.

After those items are removed by the clock master, they are bubble wrapped and secured to the of the clock.

Then the clock and its components are placed in a crate with custom bracing and special foam packing to ensure they travel safely.

Grandfather clocks being shipped internationally are placed in a vapor barrier bag with a desiccant to prevent moisture from damaging them during shipping.

Fully Customized Solutions

We have moved many grandfather clocks through the years, but we have never moved yours. Our teams take nothing for granted when handling these beautiful works of art.

While we have tremendous expertise in this area, we leverage it as if each grandfather clock move is our first. Every packaging and crating engagement we take on involves a customized blocking, bracing, and cushioning solution specific to that item to ensure it is perfectly prepared for the rigors of shipping.


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