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…And Determine Which One to Use

Domestic (nationwide) and local shipping needs are necessary for businesses of every size and all kinds, as well as for individuals shipping one item or a house full of items. Finding the right crating and shipping company to work with takes a bit of time and due diligence, but the task can run smoothly if you have the right foundation to start with.

This article tells you what you should look for when determining the best company to partner with and what questions you’ll want to ask them before making this critical decision.

Where to Start

Whether your shipment is time sensitive, extremely large, has valuable and oversized pieces, or is considered relatively straightforward, the outfit you choose to help in the process cannot be overstated.

No matter what your shipment comprises, it’s important to you, so it must also be important to your national shipping and crating company. But, with so many options available, how do you narrow it down?

The best ways to find the right company include:

  • Ask trusted friends and family and work associates
  • Read reviews and testimonials (not on the carrier’s website; those will only show the good ones)
  • Ask Twitter, Facebook, and your other social media channels
  • Ask Google and YouTube
  • Ask community boards and forums (Quora, Reddit, etc.)

It’s always best to talk with someone who has firsthand experience with the shipping and crating company so you can fully understand how they worked, how they communicated, and how the customer felt overall about the project’s outcome.

Questions to Ask Prospective Domestic Shipping Companies

Now that you know what shipping outfits you’re interested in working with, it’s time to reach out to them and ask them some questions. You can start by making a detailed list of everything you want to know. Consider putting them in order, from your most important needs to things that aren’t as essential.

– Are you licensed and insured?

When shippers are licensed and insured, they have more credibility than those that aren’t.

Licensed shippers are established and recognized to have met all federal and state requirements when necessary, and they meet all codes.

Insurance tells you that they have the means to mitigate problems should they arise, protecting you and them.

Trust is a key element to your shipping process, so be sure you choose to work with a legitimate national shipping team that can give you the attention and skill needed.

You should also ask if they offer their customers cargo insurance for further peace of mind.

– Is my national shipping quote going to change?

Surprise quote changes can cause a lot of issues. You want to have an open dialogue with your shipping & crating company from the start, detailing everything you need to happen, your timeline, your budget, and anything extra that may cost money.

Here’s what to ask:

  • How long is my quote valid?
  • Now that you know exactly what I need, what shipping services do you suggest, and how much do they cost?
  • Are there any hidden costs not detailed in my quote?
  • If I need services not on my original quote, such as on-site crating, can you provide me with those prices?

When getting a quote, you want to give as much detail as possible. If the online quote page doesn’t allow you to provide the information they need, contact the shippers by phone or email to ensure they know what you’re looking for so your quote is as accurate as it can be.

Typically, the quote should be close to the final price and is valid for 30 days.

– Who is involved with handling my shipment?

For your confidence, find out who is involved with your shipment so you always know where your assets are and whose control they’re under. Working with domestic shippers who can utilize their nationwide reach and network is often an asset, as you’ll only have one company to correspond with, streamlining the process.

– How long will the shipping process take?

Even if you don’t have a time element to adhere to throughout your shipment, knowing when it will arrive is important to scheduling and budgeting. Obviously, if time is of consequence, this is something you must let the shippers know so they can ensure proper steps.

If the shipping company has delays affecting your shipment, it can make an otherwise excellent shipping company choice null, so you’ll want to ask about this at the beginning of the interview process.

– What domestic shipping services do you offer?

You may not know what you need for your successful shipment. That’s okay. The shippers will hear what you need and can advise accordingly. Find out what services would benefit you (don’t forget to ask about time and cost), and then prioritize the solutions you need most.

Working with a one-stop-shop will generally be easier and more cost-effective for you.

Consider asking about the following shipping options:

Don’t let choosing the optimal solutions for you become a burden; discuss what you want with the shippers, and they’ll provide insight so you get the best plan of action.

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