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Electronics make for some tricky shipping. In most cases, they’re highly sensitive and valuable, making their packaging process a vital detail in a safe arrival at their destination. Server racks are no different.

Precision is critical whether you’re shipping across the country or the globe. Server racks hold vital information for companies and organizations of all types. So, ensuring they get the proper services, thoughtful care, and attention to detail is important for a damage-free arrival.

This post gives you a shipping professional’s 5-step process for packaging and shipping server racks safely.


Step 1:
Back Up Your Data

Even if you use the most experienced server rack shipping company, the shipping stream can be rigorous, and no matter how conscientiously you prepare and protect your assets, damage can occur. Ensure the information you’re transporting has been backed up so you can access it in an emergency.


Step 2:
Create a Visual Guide of the Current Set-Up & Disassemble with Intention

Map out how your server racks are currently configured for easy set-up when they arrive in the new location. You can do this through pictures, videos, drawings, or whatever works best for you.

This is a critical step if people unfamiliar with the proper configuration will manage the new installation.

Organization is key during disassembly. Be sure to label every piece of equipment and keep cables and hardware with the appropriate pieces, securing loose components and keeping small parts such as screws and bolts together for a more streamlined installation.

Pro tip: Take pictures of the state of the equipment before you package it to ensure no damage has occurred upon arrival and unpackaging.


Step 3:
Use High-Quality Materials for Packaging

You don’t want to skimp on packaging materials for your server racks. Use the correct types of materials, the correct amount of materials, and the highest quality materials.

Common materials used to protect server racks through the shipping process include:

  • Cushioning
  • Anti-static packaging
  • Vapor barrier packaging
  • Custom wood crates
  • ISPM-15 certified crates
  • Reusable wood crates

Server racks have one purpose, but they are not all created equal, so designing the precise packaging solution for each unique rack based on dimensions, weight, sensitivity, and more is critical.


Step 4:
Work With Experienced Server Rack Shippers

There’s so much that goes into your effective, efficient shipment besides the actual shipping element. Although, that’s a major player, too. Working with an experienced local electronics shipping company means you have peace of mind throughout the process.

If your chosen shipping company has a national or global network, your assets will always be within reach with trusted resources.

Logistics should also be considered when planning your shipment. There are several parts to your shipping project, and a reliable logistics team will make it run smoothly, keeping open communication with all parties involved, including you.

Remember, designing and engineering custom packaging and crates need specific industry-related software, technology, and equipment.

Questions to ask your shipping company include:

  • Do you have insurance? Do you offer insurance?
  • How many server rack shipments have you completed?
  • Do you prepare all packaging and crating in-house?
  • Can you accommodate highly sensitive electronics?
  • Have you encountered any problems with server rack shipments, and how did you fix them?
  • Can you handle every part of the shipping process?
  • How are your crates designed to make the unloading process fast and easy?

Packaging, crating, and shipping server racks require numerous solutions; some to consider when choosing professional shippers include:

  • Custom packaging design
  • On-site crating
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Domestic shipping
  • Internationally shipping

You have a business to run or work to do elsewhere; your priority may not be managing your shipment. That’s okay; your shipping company can take that on, including all the accountability and responsibility that goes with it.

Whether moving your business, transferring your racks to a new location, sending back off-lease racks, or anything else, getting them to their destination safely is the goal. Let professional Nashville server rack shippers manage each part of your project to enhance the process tenfold.


Step 5:
Delivery and Installation

Determine how your assets will be delivered to you and have the time and workers to ensure the delivery, unloading, and installation are done responsibly. Don’t forget to inspect the equipment for damage related to the shipping process.

Use your previously made images from Step 2 to set your server racks up properly.


Craters & Freighters Nashville for Server Rack Shipping

If you’re overwhelmed with the process of shipping your server racks, let us help. Our Nashville shippers have everything you need to get your assets where you want them. Our services, experience, and teams are here to protect your shipment for an on-time, damage-free arrival. We’ll handle as much or as little as you’d like. Let’s get started.

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