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Packaging, containing, and shipping auto industry products requires intentionality and consideration. Often, these assets are large, heavy, and valuable and need a timely delivery. The planning and execution of a successfully engineered shipping strategy is essential.

It’s important to work with an experienced automotive industry crating company with the solutions to get the job done right.

Whether you’re an auto part manufacturer or supplier, a car dealership, a classic car collector, or any other outfit that works within the automotive sector, your wood-crated items need special handling that caters explicitly to automotive requirements.

In this post, we’ll talk about:

  • Auto industry crating solutions to consider
  • Why your crate is vital to the shipping process
  • How your container should be optimized for success
  • A case study detailing proper crating and handling of auto parts

Custom Crating Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Your automotive shipment relies on more than just how it’s contained. It takes planning and precise attention to detail to ensure the complex execution is done correctly. These logistics play an integral role in the handling of your asset.

In additional to others, some of the automotive assets that can be custom-crated by your local shipping company include:

  • Engines
  • Fuel systems
  • Transmissions
  • Chassis
  • Fenders and bumpers
  • Wheels and tires
  • Windshields and windows
  • Dashboard and parts
  • Seating
  • Audio and visual systems
  • Other raw automotive materials

From designing the perfect tailored crate and packaging to getting your items to the right hands at the right time, your shipment has numerous moving parts. You should partner with a team that knows how to manage each one of them.

Automotive shipping solutions include:

Customizable solutions will meet your needs and streamline your auto shipping project so your supply chain stays on task and you stay within budget.

Why Wood Crates Matter

Your automotive assets are vital to you. They must stay safe, arrive in working order, and get there quickly. The custom wooden crate designed and engineered to support these things is vital to the successful outcome.

Your crate needs to be fit meticulously to your item and provide protection through any number of in-transit rigors and surprises. It must also be outfitted with packaging that meets the needs of each unique item.

Inside your wooden automotive container, rules must be followed to nurture protection throughout the shipping stream using customized packaging, including:

Without an optimized crate, the integrity of your packaging may be undermined, and your items put at risk.

Global & Domestic Automotive Industry Crating & Shipping

We know you need your shipping services to be as reliable and timely as you are. Whether you’re an auto parts manufacturer, supplier, dealer, or anything else, we have the services and skill set to manage your auto crating project from start to finish.

We can handle the large projects that need significant detail, the mass quantities projects that require a cost-effective take, and the individual antique car dealer who wants the customer to get the car safely.

Whatever your automotive industry shipping needs are, we are experienced and prepared to help. Get your free quote today.