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Shipping a motorcycle

Motorcycles are intricate pieces of machinery. They’re often pricey, and in most cases, for those who have them, education, testing, and firsthand experience are essential to safely participating in activities that include motorcycles.

Whether you ride sport bikes, compete in motorcycle races, collect them, travel cross-country on yours, or have a family heirloom, your motorcycle is important to you, so when it comes time to ship it, you want to ensure it arrives damage-free, no matter where it’s going.

This article is for the motorcycle enthusiast (or simply a motorcycle owner) who wants to ship it safely, responsibly, and with expert guidance.

7 Steps to Successfully Ship Your Motorcycle

Step 1: Clean it

Make sure to clean the motorcycle well, removing all heavy dirt and any soil deposits on the wheels or tires.

Step 2: Inspect it

Give the bike a full inspection, taking note of all scratches, dents, and other damages.
Pro tip: don’t just mentally catalog this; take photos or write down what you see.

Step 3: Run it

If the motorcycle is in running condition, take it for a ride to ensure everything is in proper working order. Check out the battery, fluids, brakes, tires, etc.

Step 4: Purge it

Remove all fluids prior to shipping, especially any fuel. Not only will this avoid a mess, but it garners a safer shipping process.

Step 5: De-accessorize it

Take off any extra accessories on the bike, removing loose items so they don’t damage it while in transit. Be sure to package the removed items so they are also protected throughout the process.

Step 6: Secure it

Secure the motorcycle to the sides and bottom of a wooden crate or container with fastening belts to restrict the bike from moving while in transit.

Step 7: Tighten it

Be sure to fasten all belts tightly, as this is what will keep your bike in place through unpredictable events.

Motorcycle Shipping in Nashville


Your motorcycle is valuable to you, so safely getting it to its final destination is the priority. If you’re not confident packaging and crating the bike on your own, seek the help of professional motorcycle shippers.

Your shipping company should offer an array of solutions that meet your needs, including:

  • Custom crating– the design and engineering of a crate specifically for your item will ensure optimal fit
  • Custom packaging– the proper securement methods and materials nurture a safe arrival
  • On-site crating– if you can’t get your motorcycle to the shipping warehouse, on-site crating allows them to come to you and design and build a crate at your location
  • Domestic shipping– for shipping within the USA
  • International shipping– safe shipping solutions, including using ISPM 15 certified wood for entry into foreign countries
  • Pickup and delivery– budget-conscious pickup and delivery options keep your bike in reliable hands from start to finish

Finding solutions to meet your requirements in one place will give you one point of contact throughout the process.

Working with Craters & Freighters

Whether you want to utilize our motorcycle crating and shipping services, need some help with a couple of aspects of your shipping project, or are unsure of the level of support you need, our team is ready to be of service.

Contact us in Nashville to learn more about how we can get your bike where you want it, on time, and within budget.