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the eisenhower globeThe Eisenhower Globe is one of the most well-known globes in history. It stood by Eisenhower’s side throughout his presidency and took center stage in several images with him and other world leaders.

Many duplicates of the globe have been made, Eisenhower himself gifting them to politicians who, like him, used them for practical purposes, such as gauging distances over water during times of war.

In 2022, the staff at the US Army Center of Military History in Anniston, AL contacted Mark Giraldi at Craters & Freighters Corporate to enlist relocation services. Mark then contacted Thomas Glover at the Birmingham location and asked them to help complete the mission of relocating this historic globe.

“We were genuinely honored to be trusted with such an iconic item,” said Thomas Glover, the Birmingham franchise owner, and plans commenced immediately.

Packaging & Crating The Globe On-Site

unpacking the eisenhower globeThis famous globe is not of the average desk-sitting size. It is a considerable floor piece standing about 4 ft high, with a diameter of about 40 inches. When packing an asset of this size, we had to consider the context of its worth on many levels. Since the globe is considered priceless, we knew its value was much greater than financial, and that our team was heavily relied upon for a safe delivery.

We got to work creating the precise packaging and crating designs before we traveled to the US Army Center of Military History in Anniston, AL, to package and crate the piece on-site. From there, we drove the crated globe to the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL, uncrated the item at its new location, and placed it where it is now available to be viewed.

The Craters & Freighters team was with the globe at every step, from packaging and crating to transporting and delivery. To further ensure its protection, we handled the shipping aspect ourselves rather than handing it to one of our freight partners.

Eisenhower International Shipping Connection

Eisenhower has a direct connection to the international shipping industry. He instituted the Wiley-Dander Seaway Act May 13, 1954, making this significant passage a major North American trade waterway. The artery is still used today, providing shipments and movement for mariners, farmers, commercial goods, and more.

We find the connection between Eisenhower and international shipping incredibly interesting, making this Eisenhower Globe project even more significant for our company.

Relocating a Piece of History

eisenhower globe arrivingWe can easily say that this was one of the most fascinating items we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Our team happens to find American history incredibly interesting, so handling something owned by a president like Eisenhower was very extraordinary, to say the least!

At Craters & Freighters, we’ve been lucky to manage many kinds of projects, and when opportunities like this arise, we’re reminded of these privileges. Protection and security are crucial when shipping valuable assets, whether they belong to a president, a company, or you.

You can rely on our packaging, crating, and shipping teams to treat your items as if they were a piece of history. Whether you need custom crating and packaging, on-site or at our location, or shipping anywhere in the world, we’re here to help. Contact us today or fill out a form for your free quote.