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DIY Tips from the Pros

Most of us ship the things we care about or need for personal, financial, or work-related reasons. And while choosing an experienced freight shipping company is a big part of a successful shipping process, understanding how to navigate the unpredictable nature of the shipping stream is also a vital component.

Being proactive when designing crating and packaging solutions cannot go understated. Considering every possible scenario that can occur while shipping your valuables by ground, air, or sea is the best place to start the ideal shipping strategy.

If you have assets to ship and want to package them on your own, our professional freight shippers in Nashville are providing pro tips on how to prevent shipping damage, no matter how you ship or where your stuff is headed. So, let’s get to it.

Prevent Property Damage During Freight Shipping

Your shipment is important to you, and feeling confident in the process is too. Whether you’re shipping through ground, air, or ocean transportation, there are ways that you can enhance the protection of your items throughout their journey.

Tip 1–use the right box

The container size should match the size of the item being shipped. Whether you use corrugated, wood, plastic, or any other kind of container, ensure the space is filled appropriately. You will likely need fillers, but the majority of the content of your box should be your item.

If you can’t find the perfect container for your asset, building a custom crate that you can outfit with the necessary strapping and other protective measures is the most responsible way to go. In many cases, you may want to consider doing this, even if you can get a pre-made container.

Custom crating is typically the optimal option for valuable, fragile, sensitive, oversized, heavy, or awkward items.

Tip 2–use the right packaging

Wrap your item prior to placing it in its container. There are numerous kinds of wrapping materials designed to meet the needs of your assets. From bubble wrap to shrink wrap to paper, and several others.

Consider the object and use the material that will best protect it should it meet challenges or turbulence during transit.

Tip 3–fill the container & secure the item

Fill up any voids within the container once the wrapped item is placed inside. The goal is to keep the item from moving within the box. Again, consider the fragility of the asset when determining what to use as filler.

The mode of transportation will also help you establish a successful internal packaging strategy. Common ways to nurture safety during transit include:

  • Blocking and bracing
  • Fasteners
  • Dunnage and dunnage bags
  • Strapping
  • Lashing
  • Tie downs

For more information on tailored packaging, read our post, “A Look Inside the Crate: Bracing, Padding, and Other Protective Measures”.

Tip 4–use good materials the right way

Always use shipping materials of good quality and in good condition, and be sure you use them as they’re meant to be used.

For instance, don’t use painter’s tape to close your box; use shipping tape. If you use a plastic box that can’t close all the way, remove some filler, but be sure the item is still adequately protected, or get a bigger container.

Tip 5–label your containers

Label your boxes. Labeling is an excellent indicator when it comes to packing up the shipping container (or whatever the mode of transportation is) so you can store like items with like items. You should always label the box with any usual information to keep it safe.

This may be of benefit when it comes to keeping fragile items away from heavy items or ensuring certain assets aren’t placed close to the door or whether the box contains sensitive or highly valuable items, etc.

And, of course, it’s also helpful when it comes to unloading and knowing what goes where.

Work With Our Nashville Shipping Company for Safe, Reliable Shipping Solutions

Don’t take shortcuts, and don’t try to outsmart the shipping stream. When it comes to your valuables, you want to optimize protection so they arrive damage-free and in working order.

If you’re uncomfortable with a DIY approach to packing your assets, our shipping professionals are prepared to help. We have the services and experience to take care of almost any kind of shipping project going almost anywhere in the world.

We invite you to start your free quote or contact our team so we can answer your questions. We’re here when you need us.