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Pro Tips From The Experts

From sentimental china to valuable glassware and every kind of fragile serving item in between, you want to handle it all with thoughtful care. That’s especially true during the moving or shipping process.

Whether you’re moving across the country, sending a wedding gift overseas, or passing on your grandmother’s dishes to your child, a safe arrival is important to you- and that all starts with proper packaging.

If you want to manage this project yourself, below, find the six vital tips for safely packaging your fine china and fragile dishware.

Safely Packing & Shipping Fine China

Tip 1: Get the right materials

The materials you use for packing and containing your valuables will make it or break it. Literally. This is not a time for skimping on quality.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Choose carefully whether you need plastic containers or heavy-duty cardboard
  • If you want extra protection, get in-box dividers to keep glass or china pieces from knocking together
  • Invest in packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and foam wrap
  • Use the correct packing tape to seal the box so it doesn’t open during the shipping process
  • Don’t use used boxes or packaging materials unless they’re in great condition
  • And, again, use high-quality materials at every step

Tip 2: Get containers that fit the item going inside it

You want each box to have enough room for filler material that can take on sudden impact and protect the item as it does. That said, don’t get a container that’s way too big for the item(s); each piece must sit inside the box comfortably (while wrapped, which will add to its size and weight).

Because the items you’re packaging are fragile, keep each box around 10 pounds. You can put more than one item inside, but you must ensure they are wrapped separately and well. Don’t overload the box, making it easily breakable or droppable.

Using smaller boxes with fewer items inside will also reduce the chances of them getting packed with heavy objects that could harm the box while in transit.

Tip 3: Add protective layers inside the box

Adding foam or bubble wrap to the inner layer of the box (notably the floor, but you can do it on every side) is a great way to add extra cushion.

Tip 4: Wrap each item separately

This is crucial to a successful shipment, so you don’t want to get lazy with this part (or any part). Be sure to wrap each item individually and with the right kind and amount of material. The more cushion it has, the better.

You can start with packing paper, then add bubble or foam wrap around that. Make sure to tape the wrap closed so it doesn’t loosen and fall off during transport.

Tip 5: Fill the box

After you’ve layered the box accordingly, carefully set your wrapped item inside, at least an inch away from each side of the box.

If you have more than one item in a box, such as with glasses, be sure the heavier items go on the bottom and use a piece of cardboard to separate each piece. Note that this doesn’t take the place of individually wrapping the items; this is to further protect them from each other.

Next, completely fill the container with cushioning material so there are no voids and no chance of your valuables moving while in the shipping stream. You want the item to be stuck in place throughout its journey.

Tip 6: Tape shut and label the container

Use the packing tape to seal the container shut, and this is a place you can’t overdo it, but you can definitely underdo it. So, use as much as you think is necessary.

Be sure to label the container with the word “Fragile” on every side; make it big and bold. This will tell anyone with their hands on it to be more careful than usual.

A Few More Suggestions:

Here are a few other tips to help you successfully and responsibly pack and ship your fine china and other fragile kitchen items.

  • For plates: Place the plate upside down over packing paper, then fold in each corner to meet in the middle of the plate before taping it down. When putting plates in the box, stand them on their side, do not lay them flat on top of each other.
  • For stemware: Stuff the globe with paper first, then place the glass on its side over bubble wrap and roll until it’s completely covered before placing its stem first in a glassware box (which will have the cardboard separators). Be sure it fits snuggly; if it doesn’t, add more wrap or packing paper to the outside of the glass.
  • For bowls and cups: Place the item on top of packing paper and pull each corner in toward the opening; use the extra paper to fill the inside of the item. If there’s not enough paper to do this, add more for extra padding.
  • For awkward or heavy fragile items: Padding, padding, padding. Use as much as needed to ensure the item is completely covered. Get out that tape and create the size of bubble wrap, foam, or paper you need to ensure the item is fully protected.

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